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By Tomas Cipra

This survey includes greater than 3,000 formulation and techniques from the sphere of finance and coverage arithmetic (as good as comparable formulation in arithmetic, likelihood concept, data, econometrics, index numbers, demography, stochastic approaches and time series). The formulation are more often than not acceptable in monetary and actuarial perform. Their mathematical point levels from uncomplicated ones in accordance with mathematics to very refined issues of upper arithmetic (e. g. stochastic calculus), yet they're often awarded within the shape most often utilized in purposes. causes and references to similar elements of the survey are given in order that you may simply browse and glance them up within the textual content; the distinct Index can also be necessary for this function. The survey could be of gain for college students, researchers and practitioners in finance and insurance.

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Finanz- und Versicherungsmathematik. : Formelsammlung: Finanzmathematik, Versicherungsmathematik, Wertpapieranalyse. : Finanzmathematik. Intensivkurs. : Mathematical Methods in Finance and Economics. : Mathematics of Finance. : Mathematische Formeln für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler. : An Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance. : The Mathematics of Investing. Wiley, New York (1989) Chapter 8 Depreciation Abstract Chapter 8 is an overview of basic accounting depreciation methods. g. when using the accelerated depreciation, one can speed up the investment payback due to lower tax payments in the first years of an investment Denotation: P0 Pk n ok O s sk original cost of the given asset depreciated cost (book value) after k years depreciation time measured in years depreciation charges of the kth year accumulated depreciation: O = P0 – Pn = o1 + o2 + .

For period (t, t + 1)), see Sect. 2) n t PV = CF0 + CFt1 vtt11 + · · · + CFtn vttnn = CFtk vtkk , k=0 where vt = 1 1 + it (present value of cash flows at irregular time instants 0 = t0 < t1 < . . < tn , see Sect. 1 Present and Future Value 27 PV = t: CFt > 0 CFt + (1 + iIt )t t: CFt < 0 CFt (1 + iOt )t (present value of cash flows using different valuation interest rates for inflows (iI ) and for outflows (iO )) • Cash flows in continuous time: can model continuous changes of capital in time due to a varying intensity of payments Denotation: CF(t) cf(t) v(t) cash flow coming for the period (0, t) force of capital at time t: cf(t) = CF (t) discount factor corresponding to the force of interest δ(τ ) over period (0, t): t v(t) = exp − 0 {δ(τ ) dτ } (see Chap.

Financial Market Rates and Flows. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Convexity. • Cash flows (CF): are payments (sums) related to various time date in the framework of financial, investment or business transactions and projects. e. e. 1 Present and Future Value • Valuation interest rate (cost of capital, opportunity cost rate): is the rate of return (see Sect. 1) that can be earned on alternative investments of the given capital sums; it is used to price cash flow systems • Present value PV of cash flow system: is the price of the given system if we price it by means of the valuation interest rate at the present time t = 0 Denotation: CFt i PV NPV cash flow at time t valuation interest rate present value net present value T.

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