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G = 0 c. ∆G < 0 d. ∆G / 0 18. Exergonic reactions with respect to their free energies are denoted by a. ∆G > 0 b. ∆G = 0 c. ∆G < 0 d. ∆G / 0 19. Endergonic reactions with respect to their free energies are denoted by a. ∆G > 0 b. ∆G = 0 c. ∆G < 0 d. ∆G / 0 20. The unit of energy is a. kcal b. mol c. calories/mol d. cal Biochemistry MCQs Series for Life Sciences, Vol. 1 33 21. The useful energy that can be obtained from a reaction is termed a. Entropy b. Free energy c. Enthalpy d. Etrophy 22. The net energy amount available from bonding changes of the reactants and products is termed as a.

B b. ∆S c. ∆H d. ∆G 34 MCQs Series for Life Sciences, Vol. 1 Maddaly Ravi 26. The energy that a molecule must gain to undergo a reaction is called a. Entropy b. Enthalpy c. Transition state d. Free energy of activation 27. A reaction with atom arrangement of reactants and products with highest energy is termed a. Free energy of activation b. Transition state c. Free energy d. Equilibrium 28. The first-order rate constant is represented by a. k = v b. v = k c. v = k [A] d. v = k [A][B] 29. The second-order rate constant is represented by a.

Sodium dependent process b. Sodium independent process c. Calcium dependent process d. Calcium independent process 15. The action of gastric juice on bolus forms a. Peptides b. Monosaccharides c. Chyme d. Fatty acids 25 26 MCQs Series for Life Sciences, Vol. 1 16. Gastric hydrochloric acid is secreted by a. Chief cells b. Argentaffin cells c. G cells d. Parietal cells 17. Pepsinogen is secreted by a. Parietal cells b. G cells c. Chief cells d. M cells 18. Mucus is secreted by a. M cells b. Goblet cells c.

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